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Ddrops Booster Liquid Vitamin D3 600 IU (5 mL / 180 drops)

Ddrops Booster Liquid Vitamin D3 600 IU (5 mL / 180 drops)

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Description: Ddrops 600 IU is a natural liquid vitamin D solution. Made with pure vitamin D3 and fractionated coconut oil, Ddrops Vitamin D3 is an easy-to-use liquid drop solution, that is easily absorbed, to help you support your immune function and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Directions for Adults and Children Age 1+:

  • Take 1 drop daily or as directed by healthcare practitioner.

Medicinal Ingredients:

  • 600 IU Vitamin D3

Non-medicinal Ingredient:

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

More Information:

  • These vitamin drops do not contain: corn, dairy, egg, fish, gluten, lactose, peanuts, shellfish, soy, starch, sugar, sulphites, wheat, yeast, preservatives, colouring, or artificial flavours.

Product NPN: 80013189. Please read labels and package inserts for all product details. Always read and follow labels and package inserts before use. Results may vary.

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