About Us


At beyondRx.ca, we believe that everyone should be able to access the healthcare products that they need on their journey to achieving optimal health and wellness. And so, we serve to be one of your many companions on your journey. By listening to and partnering with our customers and healthcare providers, we carefully curate and offer a wide selection of health and wellness products to suit your needs.

We select products that have been proven to work, while giving increasing preference to more natural products. That's why, in addition to the everyday over-the-counter medicines and remedies that you might find at your local pharmacy, you will also find in store some specialty categories, such as Chinese medicated oils and patches, Korean skin and beauty products, and Canadian natural brand supplements.

Whether you choose to visit us in-person or choose to have your health and wellness aids delivered right to your doorsteps, beyondRx.ca is here for you. 

Our Story

Our team has proudly served the Greater Toronto Area as a traditional pharmacy, under the name 99 Pharmacy, for 25 years.  Over the past 25 years, 99 Pharmacy has mainly served in conventional medicine.  However, as clients begin to find their own preferred practices and preferences to health and wellness, we want to continue serving and empowering them to achieving their optimal level of health for their life circumstances.  As such, we have launched beyondRx.ca, to continue serving our clientele on their lifetime journey to health and wellness, and to serve Canadians who share the same journey.