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Actimove EpiSport Elbow Brace (Small)

Actimove EpiSport Elbow Brace (Small)

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Description: The Actimove EpiSport Elbow Brace is engineered to reduce pain and discomfort caused by Epicondylitis and can be adjusted for compression and ease of handling. Made from elastic, flexible, durable, and latex free material, and padded with soft cushioning inner liner, this elbow brace provides enhanced quality comfort and is easy to hand wash in lukewarm water. It can be worn under different shirts without piling up and is designed with the intent to get patients to quickly rejoin their favourite sports.


  • Acute and chronic Epicondylitis radialis humeri (Tennis Elbow)
  • Acute and chronic Epicondylitis ulnaris (Golfer Elbow)
  • Problems caused by repetitive use of wrist or forearm

This product is also available in: Medium | Large

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