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Remedia Mokusaku Wood Vinegar Foot Patch (8 patches)

Remedia Mokusaku Wood Vinegar Foot Patch (8 patches)

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Description: Remedia Mokusaku Wood Vinegar Foot Patch uses wood vinegar, that is refined from trees, to remove excess moisture through the pores of your tired feet, while you sleep. The wood vinegar is extracted from select trees. Once absorbed the patch will change colours from beige to brown.


  • Clean and dry foot thoroughly before application.
  • Attach the individually wrapped pouch of wood vinegar powder to the centre of the adhesive patch provided. Printed side of the pouch adheres to the adhesive side of patch.
  • Apply firmly to the sole of foot before going to bed.
  • Remove and discard the patch in the morning and rinse your feet.


  • For external use only.

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