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Murine Ear Wax Removal System (15 mL)

Murine Ear Wax Removal System (15 mL)

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Description: Murine Ear Wax Removal System is designed for the effective relief from ear wax buildup. This system includes ear drops to loosen wax gently and ear washer to flush ear completely.

Directions for Adults and Supervised Children Age 12+:

  • Add 5 to 10 drops to ear with head tilted and leave in the ear for several minutes; any wax remaining may be removed by gently flushing the ear with warm water.
  • Use twice daily up to 4 days.
  • If excessive ear wax remains, consult a physician.

Medicinal Ingredients:

  • Carbamide Peroxide 6.5% w/v

    Non-medicinal Ingredients:

    • Alcohol
    • Glycerin
    • Polysorbate 20
    • Sodium citrate
    • Tartaric acid
    • Citric acid


    • Do not use in the presence of ear drainage, ear pain, irritation, or dizziness (unless directed by a physician).
    • Do not use if there is injury or perforation (hole) in the ear drum or after ear surgery unless directed by a physician.
    • Avoid contact with eyes.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    Product NPN: 02247495. Please read labels and package inserts for all product details. Always read and follow labels and package inserts before use. Results may vary. 

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